Synonyms & Antonyms

  • Synonyms are the words which are similar to each other in meaning(समानार्थी शब्द वे शब्द हैं जो अर्थ में एक दूसरे के समान हैं।).
  • Antonyms are the words which are opposite to each other in meaning(विलोम शब्द वे शब्द हैं जो अर्थ में एक दूसरे के विपरीत हैं।).


Awkwardclumsy, roughclever, apt
Allure entice, fascinaterepulse, repel
Abortivevain, unproductiveeffectual, productive
Allaypacify, sootheaggravate, excite
Axiommaxim, truthabsurdity, blunder
abjureforsake, renounceapprove, sanction
Abjectdespicable, servilecommendable, praiseworthy
Authenticgenuine, reliablefictitious, unreal
Audacityboldness, arrogancemildness, cowardice
Abatemoderate, decreaseaggravate, supplement
Arraigncharge, blameexculpate, pardon
– Apathy unconcern, indifference concern, care 
Alienforeigner, outsider

native, resident

Affrontprovoke, irreverence

conciliate, mollify

Adversitymisfortune, calamity

prosperity, fortune

Antipathyhostility, aversion

admiration, fascination

Amplifyenlarge, extend

lessen, contraction

Alleviateabate, relieve

aggravate, enhance

Admonishcounsel, reprove

approve, applaud

Adherentfollower, disciple

rival, adversary

Absolvepardon, forgive

compel, accuse

Acrimonyharshness, bitterness

courtesy, benevolence

Accordagreement, harmony

disagreement, discord

Adamantstubborn, inflexible

flexible, soft

Adjunctcomplement, addition

separation, subtraction

Bustlehaste, flurry

slowness, quiet

Brittledelicate, fragile

tough, enduring

Bleakdismal, gloomy

bright, pleasant

Benevolencehumanity, generosity

malevolence, inhumanity

Barbarousuncivilized, savage

cultured, humane

Bafflefrustrate, perplex

composure, facilitate

Bewitchingmagical, fascinating

repulsive, repugnant

Contrarydissimilar, conflicting

similar, alike

Contradictdeny, oppose

approve, confirm

Contemptscorn, disregard

regard, praise

Conspicuousprominent, obvious

concealed, hidden

Consolidatecompact, strong

separate, weak

Consequenceeffect, outcome

origin, start

Consentagree, permit

object, disagree

Concedeyield, assent

deny, reject

Compriseinclude, contain

reject, lack

Compassionkindness, sympathy

cruelty, barbarity

Concurapprove, agree

differ, disagree

Chastisepunish, admonish

cheer, encourage

Chastevirtuous, pure

sullied, lustful

Caricatureexaggeration, imitation

exactness, precision

Despicableworthless, shameless

worthy, decent

Disdaindetest, despise

approve, praise

Deridemock, taunt

inspire, encourage

Deprivedespoil, divest

restore, renew

Demolishruin, devastate

repair, construct

Deliciouspalatable, tasteful

distasteful, unsavory

Deliberateponder, intentional

rash, sudden

Defrayspend, pay 

disclaim, repudiate

Decaycollapse, decomposition

flourish, progress

Evidentobvious, apparent

obscure, concealed

Evadeavoid, elude

acknowledge, confront

Eternalperpetual, endless

temporary, momentary

Epitomeprecise, example

increment, expansion

Endowmentgrant, benefit

drawback, damage

Endeavourundertake, aspire

cease, quit

Eliminateexpel, oust

restore, accept

Elevatedignify, heighten

depreciate, denounce

Ecstasydelight, exultation

despair, calamity

Eccentricstrange, abnormal

natural, conventional

Fabricateconstruct, produce

destroy, dismantle

Fragileweak, infirm

enduring, tough

Forsakedesert, renounce

hold, maintain

Fluctuatedeflect, vacillate

stable, resolute

Flimsytrifling, transparent

firm, tenacious

Fleetingtransient, temporary

enduring, eternal

Feebleweak, frail

strong, robust

Falterfluctuate, demur

persist, endure

Fallacydelusion, mistake

veracity, truth

Guilecunning, deceit

honesty, frankness

Grudgehatred, aversion

benevolence, affection

Grislydisgusting, atrocious

pleasing, attractive

Gorgeousmagnificent, dazzling

dull, unpretentious

Hypocrisydeception, affectation

sincerity, honesty

Hazardpresumption, danger

conviction, security

Hamperretard, prevent

promote, facilitate

Irrepressibleirresistible, unconfined

composed, hesitant

Invincibleunconquerable, impregnable

effeminate, fragile

Intrinsicgenuine, fundamental

extraneous, incidental

Ingenuousundisguised, naïve

wily, crafty

Incompetentinefficient, unskilled

dexterous, skilled

Imputeattribute, ascribe

exculpate, support

Impiousirreligious, unholy

pious, devout

Impartialjust, unbiased

prejudiced, revive

Immunityprerogative, privilege

blame, censure

Immensehuge, enormous

puny, insignificant

Immersesubmerge, involve

emerge, uncover

Juvenileyoung, tender

dotage, antiquated

Justifydefend, exculpate

impute, arraign

Justhonest, impartial

unequal, unfair

Judiciousthoughtful, prudent

irrational, foolish

Jadedtired, exhausted

renewal, recreation

Kindredrelation, species

unrelated, dissimilar

Keensharp, poignant

vapid, insipid

knelldeath knell, last blow

reconstruction, rediscovery

Knottycomplicated, difficult

simple, manageable

Luxuriantprofuse, abundant

scanty, meagre

Lusciouspalatable, delicious

unsavory, tart

Lureattract, entice

repel, dissuade

Lucidsound, rational

obscure, hidden

Listlesslazy, inattentive

brisk, attentive

Liberalmagnanimous, generous

stingy, malicious

Liableaccountable, bound

unaccountable, apt to

Laxslack, careless

firm, reliable

Lenientcompassionate, merciful

cruel, severe

Mutualjoint, identical

separate, distinct

Mutinousrecalcitrant, insurgent

submissive, faithful

Monotonousirksome, tedious

varied, pleasant

Molestpester, harass

console, soothe

Modesthumble, courteous

arrogant, pompous

Mitigate alleviate, relieve

augment, enhance

Miraculousmarvelous, extraordinary

ordinary, trivial

Minutediminutive, miniature

large, colossal

Numerousprofuse, various

scarce, deficient

Nullifycancel, annul

confirm, uphold

Novicetyro, beginner

veteran, ingenious

Nimbleprompt, brisk

sluggish, languid

Negligentinattentive, careless

vigilant, careful

Outrageoffence, maltreatment

compliance, subjection

Overwhelmtriumph, subjugate

flounder, falter

Outbreakeruption, insurrection

compliance, subjection

Opaqueobscure, shady

transparent, bright

Offspringdescendants, siblings

ancestors, forefathers

Offensiveabhorrent, arrogant

docile, compliant

Obviousevident, apparent

obscure, ambiguous

Obstructimpede, prevent

hasten, encourage

Provokeinflame, incite

pacify, comfort

Protractprolong, delay

abbreviate, curtail

Profuselavish, abundant

scarce, meagre

Prodigymiracle, marvel

normal, average

Prematureprecocious, untimely

belated, opportune

Peerlessmatchless, unrivalled

mediocre, commonplace

Pamperflatter, indulge

deny, disparage

Placidtranquil, calm

turbulent, hostile

Quellsubdue, reduce

 exacerbate, agitate

Quaintqueer, strange

familiar, usual

Quackimpostor, deceiver

upright, unfeigned

Quibbleequivocate, prevaricate

unfeign, plain

Ruthlessremorseless, inhumancompassionate, lenient
Routvanquish, overthrowsuccumb, withdraw
Retractrecant, repudiateconfirm, assert
Remoteinaccessible, fartheradjoining, adjacent
Remonstratecensure, protestagree, laud
Remnantresidue, pieceentire, whole
Superficialpartial, shallowprofound, discerning
Subvertdemolish, sabotagegenerate, organize
Stainblemish, tarnishhonor, purity
Slanderdefame, malignapplaud, approve
Shabbymiserable, impoverishedprosperous, thriving
Trivialtrifling, insignificantsignificant, important
Transienttemporal, transitorylasting, enduring
Timid difficult, cowardbold, intrepid
Temperatecool, moderateboisterous, violent
Tediouswearisome, irksomeexhilarating, lively
Utterlycompletely, entirelydeficient, incomplete
Usurpseize, wrestrestore, compensate
Uncouthawkward, ungracefulelegant, graceful
Umbrageresentment, bitternesssympathy, goodwill
Vulgarinelegant, offensiveelegant, civil
Volatilelight, changingheavy, ponderous
Viciouscorrupt, obnoxiousnoble, virtuous
Vanityconceit, pretensionmodesty, humanity
Waiverelinquish, removeimpose, clamp
Warycautious, circumspectheedless, negligent
Wanedecline, dwindleameliorate, rise
Yokeconnect, harnessliberate, release
Yieldsurrender, abdicateresist, protest
Yearnlanguish, cravecontent, satisfied
Zestdelight, enthusiasmdisgust, passive
Zenithsummit, apexnadir, base
Zealeagerness, fervorapathy, lethargy


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