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World: All about Ocean[विश्व: सभी महासागर के बारे में] Introduction[परिचय] It is calculable that seventy two % of the surface of the world is roofed with water. The Pacific, that is that the greatest of all oceans, covers a 3rd of the earth’s surface, its total space being larger than that of all the land. Atlantic…

2.World: Physical[विश्व: शारीरिक]


world’s physical geography[दुनिया का भौतिक भूगोल] Introduction[परिचय] Earth is splendid terrestrial haven. it’s imperative to understand geography through its show of environmental diversity. In scientific studies, it’s established that earth science could be a word that originated from 2 Greek roots. Geo-denotes to “Earth,” and graphy stands for “picture or writing.” earth science is that the study…

1. World: General Facts[विश्व: सामान्य तथ्य]


World geography facts[विश्व भूगोल तथ्य] Introduction[परिचय] Interesting facts regarding world Geography[भूगोल से संबंधित रोचक तथ्य]   The discipline of geographics bridges the social sciences with the physical sciences and might give a framework for understanding our world. By learning geographics,…